DURAN2 reveal their exciting new stage costume for 2015

Duran Duran Experience

If you're looking for a truly authentic tribute to Duran Duran then look no further than DURAN2, the country's leading tribute to the eighties pop and rock sensation.

Out go the Anthony Price suits and in comes a homage to the classic "Reflex" look, carefully styled by leading fashion designer Amanda Glass and brilliantly captured by leading photographer Adam Prosser.

"I'm really excited by our new look," said Alistair Martin, musical director for the band. "We thought really hard about how we could go that extra step to create a really authentic look that stands out from other tribute bands and pays justice to the original band - and that's a band that has been so stylish over the last 30 years."

"We wanted to ditch the 'easy' suit look and, with Amanda's help, we've cracked it."

"The really cool bonus is that we can also do a costume change or customise our show to whatever the client wants - it's a win win for everyone concerned."

The new look also coincides with the band's exciting new video show to create a truly authentic stage show that is unmatched by any other Duran Duran tribute band.


Duran Duran Tribute Band

"Well can I say about DURAN2?!?!? Apart from being really nice and affable people they are a very polished tight band re-creating the sound that made Duran Duran the force that they were back in the day. The night went down a treat kicking off with Planet Earth then into Hungry Like...