Duran Duran tribute band to launch Rio 35 tour at The Brook

DURAN2, the leading tribute to Duran Duran, will open 2017 with a bang as they headline the fantastic Brook venue in Southampton on Saturday 14 January.

This show will be the first date of their “Rio 35” tour, celebrating the 35th anniversary of Duran Duran’s seminal album, Rio.

The album is a collection of massive hit singles, from the opening title track to the final track, The Chauffeur, with My Own Way, Hungry Like The Wolf, Hold Back The Rain and Save A Prayer in between. The DURAN2 set list for The Brook will feature these six songs with plans to introduce the remaining three during the second half of the tour: Lonely In Your Nightmare, New Religion and Last Chance On The Stairway.

“I’m really excited about this tour and 2017,” said musical director and bass player Alistair Martin.

“2016 has focused on corporate work and private events so it will be great to get back on the tribute circuit.

“We’ve also been working on few ‘mashup’ surprises in the set list during the last few months, reworking the energy in the show. We tried these out in the last couple of shows and the feedback has been fantastic."

Tickets for the show will be available from The Brook website: http://www.the-brook.com/

If you are interested in booking the Duran Duran tribute band for your venue then please contact the DURAN2 management team via the website or 07923 408158 (UK enquiries) or +31 6 39011720 (international enquiries).

Duran Duran Tribute Band

"Well can I say about DURAN2?!?!? Apart from being really nice and affable people they are a very polished tight band re-creating the sound that made Duran Duran the force that they were back in the day. The night went down a treat kicking off with Planet Earth then into Hungry Like...